Katerina Getchell

In my practice I guide and educate people in integrating their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies into an experience of wholeness from birth to death. In addition, I offer natural, eco-friendly, and alternative ways to live in harmony with each other and on this beautiful planet. 

My professional Certifications & Offerings include:
David Kessler Certified Peer-to-Peer Grief Educator 
Spiritual-Energy Healer & Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
Holistic Life Coach
Sleep Science Coach
Food Psychology Coach
Stress Management Coach
Green Living Coach 
Young Living Essential Oils Distributor 
I have a practical knowledge base in both allopathic medicine and alternative healing modalities which I combine with my spiritual healing gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy to facilitate changes on all levels of ones experience. 

My work ranges from supporting mothers interested in water births, to supporting a mother in childbirth to advance her stalled labor. I have helped both human and animal post-surgical patients to recover quicker after breaking a bone or having major surgery. I also support people in all stages of their spiritual awakening.

On the other end of the spectrum, I educate and support people in having an honorable, integrated end of life experience including the options of hospice, pre and post death vigils, natural burial choices, and celebration of life ceremonies. 

While I offer grief support for all types of loss, my specialty is fellow bereaved parents of suicide loss. My passion is addressing the neurobiology of grief and trauma. My spiritual/energy gifts allow me to facilitate moving grief and trauma out one's body so that a deeper connection to one's own higher nature can be experienced. In doing so, one is then able to better perceive the presence of their deceased loved ones. 

While I draw upon all my education and training, it’s my lifetime of personal experience that allows me to support another’s loss with great empathy. I have experienced many types of traumas and losses including natural disasters, a mugging, the community trauma and grief of a local mass shooting, domestic violence, divorce, bankruptcy, a life-threatening health diagnosis, legal challenges, and the deaths of all my family members (except my siblings), as well the deaths of multiple dear friends. However, the most traumatic loss was finding my beloved son deceased by suicide at age twenty. He was my only child, and his death not only broke my heart but shattered my entire reality. The trauma of finding him left me incapacitated with an ETBI. (Emotional Traumatic Brain Injury)

I healed from these traumatic losses and the ETBI by using an integrative approach combining standard and alternative medicine to address both the grief and trauma on all levels. In time, my deceased loved ones became integrated into my heart as a constant presence, and I experience a sense of wholeness greater than before their deaths.

I offer individual and group sessions, both in-person and online. Please let me know how I may support you by using the Contact Me button below. 
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