“I have enjoyed several one-on-one consciousness-energy sessions with Katerina. They have all been truly outstanding experiences. I would describe her ability as being able to access the Greater Self and take me along for the ride. She is able to connect with my energy and read into where I am emotionally and spiritually. She can see where I am blocked and can communicate that in a way that I can see it for myself and also understand its genesis. With kindness and wonderful skill she is then able to take me to a higher vibratory level. In this state, she is able to access wisdom and guidance that helps me understand more of the unconscious and limiting thoughts I hold, and ways to make them less obtrusive. 
Katerina provides insights, based on what she sees in my energy field, to help me navigate my own journey in a more conscious way. At the end of a session, Katerina leaves me with the beautiful gift of staying in her very high energetic space for some time, which leaves me with a powerful feeling of being surrounded by divine light and love. That alone is worth the price of sitting with her. I would highly recommend Katerina to anyone who wants to see themselves from a perspective that is much greater than most of us can see ourselves.” 
 – Dr. David Sharp, Boulder, CO.
"I have known Katerina for about twenty years, and she continues to absolutely amaze me. Her accumulated life wisdom following initiation through so many losses is a gift to us all. She is a phoenix who has risen renewed from the flames with a passion for service that is inspiring to behold."
- Karen van Vuuren
Natural Death Care Educator:
Director of Dying Wish and Go in Peace.
 "One of the rarest of divine spirits I have had the privilege to meet. Someone who has such a rare, beyond beautiful skill set of being able to see you in a way very few can. Someone who guides you into a transcendental  spectrum to allow for a connection together where she can see where the dots of your personal internal divine matrix need to be connected or reconnected. She is a true shaman with a gift beyond words that will help align your path." 
 -  Brook Waranius, Redding, CA.

"I have had the privilege of experiencing two energy sessions with Katerina. Each one of them was so extremely influential and beautiful to a level that words can’t even describe, so writing a testimonial feels difficult. 
For the first session, I did not know what to expect. I was dealing with so many hardships in my life, and I felt that they would all come rushing through during the session. I was prepared with tissues. But, during the session… I was amazed at how I felt all those things for 0.2 seconds, and then suddenly it all… rapidly dissipated… it got smaller and smaller until it was a speck… until it was nothing. It completely vanished from the forefront of my mind and was replaced with something infinitely greater. I understood that life is about something so much more, something all those hardships could never compare to in a million years. I got to know my soul. I felt clarity about my purpose and my journey here on earth. I realized that hardships and all, I am exactly where I am meant to be. I felt held. Held by the universe and held by my higher self. Afterwards, my head and chest felt lighter, and my body felt renewed. 
My second session with Katerina was via Zoom, and to no surprise, I was yet again amazed at the results. I was genuinely shocked that I had the exact same level of experience, though the session was virtual! The bottoms of my feet tingled as negative energies were drained through my root chakras. I had several epiphanies and new realizations surrounding the beauty that is the coexistence of humanity and spirituality. Before my session, my mental health wasn’t at the greatest point. I was waking up with anxiety in the mornings and moving through my days feeling clouded. After the session, I woke up the following morning without an ounce of anxiety for the first time in a while, and I felt renewed in many ways; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Thank you, Katerina. Every session with you is something beyond meaningful."
  - Melissa Chilson, Atlanta, GA.

“So grateful for you, Katerina. Without a shadow of a doubt, your healing touch treatment on Kiefer helped to save his leg. After the accident with a cross-country skier that cut his leg to the bone, it was doubtful if it would heal and be usable ever again. Kiefer was weak, and riddled with shock and fear. I wish I could have taken a before and after shot of him, because after your healing touch session, he was much calmer and the energy was balanced. Coming out of the state of shock gave him the energy his body needed to heal. We used the essential oils religiously for three months and — miracle beyond miracles — the nerves, tendons and blood vessels found a way to repair. Today, the scar is all that remains. He is as fast, nimble and joyous as ever. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing healing gifts with us!”
  – Kathy Basel, Denver, CO.